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Vision and Values

The St Peter’s community is focused on achieving one’s best, continuous improvement and teamwork. This is achieved by forging authentic relationships built on trust, respect and integrity.
Our staff constantly model and reinforce the importance of preparation, effort, honest self-reflection and meaningful feedback. The College has three key touchstones: Faith, Courage and Excellence.

The College Community believes FAITH:

  • is expressed through our actions, words, thoughts and relations with Christ and others;
  • reinforces the importance of Pastoral Care and Anglican virtues such as compassion, giving, sharing and gratitude;
  • establishes a nurturing community built on trust, acceptance and forgiveness; and
  • results from a greater understanding of self and the world around them.

The College Community believes COURAGE:

  • develops resilience, determination and accountability;
  • allows individuals to set and reach personal goals despite hardship and adversity;
  • is required to establish socially just communities; and
  • promotes doing your best, without fear of failure.

The College Community believes EXCELLENCE:

  • results from high expectations, motivation and endeavour;
  • is an individual journey where one continuously aspires to do one’s best;
  • involves the delivery of quality learning practices within collaborative and supportive staff and student relationships; and
  • is achieved by learners who are curious, creative and critical thinkers.

Our new APP – ‘Schoolstream’

St Peter’s has a new school App. Parents will need to download the App to receive important information from the school.

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