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Junior School

Early Learning – Kindergarten to Year 2

Early Learning from Kindergarten to Year 2 is a dynamic and purposeful place of learning where creativity, questioning, exploration and the encouragement of wonder is at the heart of everything we do.

As play is an essential part of learning and development for children, play-based learning is a valued component of learning across all curriculum areas. Children are given the opportunity to explore the local Cycad and Sand Forests and lead their own learning as they explore and discover the surrounding native bushland.

Independence is nurtured as they are supported to take risks in their play and learning and learn how to be safe and aware of others.

Language and mathematical skills are developed in meaningful contexts with the intention of developing a full and rich platform on which all other learning is built.

Year 3 – Forest School

In 2021 we launched an exciting new program developed specifically for Year 3. The environmental learning program (Forest School) is a year of learning focused upon the pristine natural environment of the local Broulee area.

Children are encouraged to wonder and ask questions, to seek answers to questions and to use their innate creativity to pose questions and solve problems. Children spend time outdoors learning about sustainable food production and create an organic permaculture. They harvest food they have grown and enjoy cooking and eating it! Water systems are explored as they spend time at Candlagan Creek investigating the rich biodiversity of our local waterways.

From a purpose built, light-filled building housing a kitchen and flexible learning spaces, Year 3 students spend an unforgettable year using an environmental-inquiry lens to develop their skills, knowledge and attitudes across the Curriculum.

Upper Primary – Years 4, 5, and 6

Learning in Junior School in Years 4, 5 and 6 aims to develop 21st century learning skills in reasoning and critical thinking through inquiry. Students are challenged to ask questions about the world in which they live, the events in Australia’s history as well as inquire into issues people across the globe face in everyday life.

Students are encouraged to become independent, persistent, creative and resourceful learners who think with flexibility and compassion. Students are inspired to explore problems in our local environment and to propose actions that contribute to a more sustainable future that will enhance and care for the diverse eco systems of the Eurobodalla.

Students have the opportunity to experience first-hand how to grow food and tend to chickens in a closed-loop agricultural cycle that incorporates worm composting and organic pest control. Freshly harvested produce is taken straight to the kitchen for cooking in our Kitchen Garden Program.

A holistic approach is taken to education which allows our students to participate in an exciting range of sporting and cultural opportunities including representational sport and visiting music and drama productions.

Our new APP – ‘Schoolstream’

St Peter’s has a new school App. Parents will need to download the App to receive important information from the school.

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