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Parents and Friends

Together, good things happen.

At St Peter’s we know how valuable community is – when times are tough, we gather round, when times are good, it’s always better to celebrate with friends. Friendship, respect, participation and service – these are vital for a positive learning environment. When your child joins St Peter’s so does your family. We welcome you into our community.

Many hands make light work

Many of our families say they chose St Peter’s because ‘it just felt right’ – the friendly welcome, happy smiles, kind words and go that extra mile attitude – it’s all those little things that make St Peter’s a special place. We know you entrust your children to us safe in the knowledge that we provide a secure, supportive environment for all students.

The P&F members are a dedicated group of parents who volunteer their time and talents to serve the St Peter’s Anglican College community and to assist with both fund and friend raising. The P&F foster a community that encourages, supports, and cares for each other, as well as pooling together our individual gifts and talents so that we can serve together and learn from each other.

Please email us if you would like further information or would like to become a member of the P&F.

Our new APP – ‘Schoolstream’

St Peter’s has a new school App. Parents will need to download the App to receive important information from the school.

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