Continuous Improvement Cycle


The 21st century can be defined as a time of constant change. It is also the most exciting time to be involved in the education profession with unlimited resources available to assist any teacher improve their lesson quality and delivery.

St Peter’s College is energised by change, committed and focused on continual improvement and transformation. The College has designed an evidence-based initiative termed CiC (continuous improvement cycle) to improve all of our student learning outcomes.

The College has decided to use the butterfly, synonymous with both change and transformation to symbolize a range of processes which has been shown to improve all of our students academic capabilities.

Being the Eurobodalla’s only Kindergarten-Year 12 school, the College is in a unique position to facilitate the development of our students through all stages of their schooling. Our staff thrive on this responsibility and feel honoured to play a role in the development of our students whom continually prove to be excellent ambassadors within and outside our vibrant, yet humble local community.

Improvement Cycle

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