Community Awards Nominations

  • The College will officially unveil the inaugural St Peter’s Community Awards during the 2018 Junior School and Senior School end of year Awards presentation.

    The awards have been developed to recognise and thank some of the amazing members of our College community who help provide enormous support in educating our students. These awards will be split into two sections:

    1. The first award is for teaching excellence to a teacher in both the Junior and Senior Schools.
    2. The second award is for an outstanding contribution to the St Peter’s College community. This award will be open to both teaching, non-teaching staff and members of the community whom have a significant and meaningful connection to the College.
    Nominations for both of these awards can be made by students, parents or staff members of the St Peter’s community. All nominations require support from two nominators. Nominators must not be from the same family.

  • Who will you nominate?

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