St Peter's News

This term a unique opportunity has been offered to a small group of Junior and Senior school students who have participated in a social skills pilot programme in partnership with Banksia Villages in Broulee. This initiative has been a chance to explore how our two communities might unite to serve each other through integration and mutual learning.

Echoing results from similar initiatives being practiced globally, we have witnessed the two- way positive experience for both our students and our more senior members of the community as they come together each Friday afternoon. To watch the faces of both our students and the residents when participating and connecting, followed by the sharing of our students about the meaning it has for them and their eagerness to participate, is quite moving. Activities have included conversation, board games, reading, puzzles and music. In essence, it has shown evidence of connection between people, regardless of age and circumstance.

We thank the staff of Banksia for welcoming and supporting St Peter’s into their community and hope to continue these visitations to tap into the endless benefits to both groups engaged in this intergenerational socialisation.


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