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This year’s weather leading into camp was perfect with dry grounds and sunny days expected for the 3 day hike into the Budawangs on the Wog Wog track. The Wednesday morning had the Year 9 group well prepared, on time for the bus with all food and gear ready to go. Some minor adjustments and negotiation with the shared gear was done to start off the day and we were well on our way in good time. The first day is always the greatest physical challenge with students adapting to the weight of their packs and distance required to get to caves base camp. Facing small problems along the way, staff and students bound together to help one another continue the journey. With the temperature rising to 30’ it became important for us to stay hydrated, with Nelson Olver being observed enjoying his secret stash of Gatorade along the way.

With nice cool weather at the caves camp area, it was a pleasure to stay at providing small streams to cool down after our hiking, shelter and comfortable sleeping. The Thursday morning sunrise was a definite highlight, with spectacular views across the valley and plenty of photos being taken by staff and students. Our preparation for the day would also include some running repairs of band aids and strapping tape from various minor small cuts and blisters, with students learning footwear being an essential part of life in the bush.

Our next leg of hiking went extremely smoothly with students more suited to their packs and weight distributed amongst the group. At such a fast pace we arrived at the river camping area before our lunch break, providing plenty of time for an icy cold swim and time to relax. The weather could not have been more perfect being not too hot and sunny. Watching both staff and students enter the river ice baths and their reactions was priceless.

Friday morning was an early start that included a brisk swim for some, a lazy sleep in for others and a quick turnaround in packing up ready for our final journey. Again the weather was on our side and it allowed us an easy exit. Shortly into our walk the students had a surprise visit from Mr Andrew Nicholls providing a large container worth of homemade Anzac biscuits.

A big thank you to Mrs Cathy Kelly, Mrs Chloe Hofman, Mr Simon Brown and Mr Sam Shepherd for their contributions for the success of the camp.

Mr Michael Nicoletti


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