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St Peter’s language students embarked on a memorable study tour during the autumn break to immerse themselves in all things Japanese; its culture, its language, and its long and rich history.

We travelled the length of the country in style (on the Shinkansen), exploring the modern and ancient, delighting in the food, the shopping, the customs and the people.  Our travels began with the ultra modern in Tokyo and continued through the historic capitals of Kyoto and Nara.  Many temples, shrines, castles and deer encounters later we arrived at Hiroshima, its Peace Park and Museum.  A sombre interlude, both informative and thought provoking, that set the stage for a peaceful day to follow, discovering the beauty and authenticity of Miyajima Island. 

Our return trip to Tokyo, with a surprise stop at Himeji Castle (and a stunning view of Mt Fuji from the train) packed more experiences into our short time in country.  These remarkable students embraced opportunities to practise skills and to learn and as our final day in Japan approached, each resolved to return again in the future.

Keep tuned – for news of Japan Study Tour 2020!

Luke Fuller and Sue Brennan



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