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Year 7 students have been immersed in studying states of matter.  They have been exploring the kinetic theory of matter and appreciating that all matter consists of moving particles. They have investigated the diffusion of liquids and gases and the expansion and contraction of solids, liquids and gases. Students have particularly enjoyed making slime and, by observing its properties, determining if it is a liquid or a solid.

History week provided an opportunity to discuss several famous historical scientists, in particular Rosalind Franklin.  Franklin was an expert in X-ray crystallography who obtained clear x-ray images of DNA.  This enabled others to determine its double-helix structure.  Other scientists involved in the project received Nobel Prizes for their contributions.  Unfortunately she had passed away before this time so her pivotal role in this endeavour was not officially recognised.  She remains an inspiration for all females interested in entering the field of Science. 

Family Science Night: Wednesday 15 August 6-8pm


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