St Peter's News

Term 2 has seen our Year 7 students commence a theory unit relating to First Aid and Emergency Care. Through the hard work of the P&F, and the success of “Skyblaze”, the PDHPE Department has purchased 3 “Annie Doll” CPR manikins to assist with the students learning of first aid and CPR. As a department we are extremely grateful to have such a fantastic resource to enhance the learning of our students and assist with assessment of their understanding.

Recently our Year 9/10 PASS students helped South Coast AFL facilitate an AFL skills day for our Junior School students. Throughout the term in PASS, students have completed a unit on “Coaching’ and the AFL skills day was a fantastic opportunity to put their theoretical learning into practice. Feedback from all involved was that it was a fantastic day for both participants and organisers and we look forward to working in partnership with South Coast AFL in the future.
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