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Science Has Taken Over!
It feels like Science has taken over Year Two. After planting seeds and adopting Meal Worms, our days are constantly interrupted by students who have made great discoveries!
Planting seeds may seem like a quiet activity, yet as the students planted their seeds, they were full of excitement as they anticipated the crops they would harvest. Our daily observations include measuring the height of our shoots and also describing the features we observe. The students are committed to the daily ritual of watering and placing our seedlings in the sun. Late in the day we return the seedlings inside so they can avoid the cold evenings.
Our Meal Worms have started to change from Larva to Pupa and we look forward to them turning into beetles. The students have noticed that the worms have shed their skins, leading to speculation and scientific debate. There is no debating the students’ commitment to their experiments, and there is no doubt that the worms smell.
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