St Peter's News

Year Two has had a great start to the year. New friendships have been forged and old friendships renewed. In Personal Development and Health we have been discussing the language of teamwork, cooperation and friendship.

During Anti-Bullying Week our class spoke unkind words to our class apple. We teased it and excluded it from our games, then we had a look inside it. Its skin was fine, yet inside it was bruised and had hurt feelings. I was amazed by the insights the students shared during our discussions on friendship and caring for others each other.

Our Measurement studies in Mathematics were a real highlight. Students measure the length of objects in the class and in the playground. Then back in the classroom we continued to develop our understanding of number using concrete materials and our small whiteboards. 

Outdoor Education Week was a wonderful opportunity for learning about our local area. The students were able to observe the old punt ramp on the banks of the Clyde River and personally study the remains of an historic site. They were able to confirm for themselves the claims made on local history websites. It was wonderful to see the students make links for themselves and to see them engage with history in the local area. 

As Term One closes, we look back and see personal growth, flourishing friendships and valuable learning.  As one term ends we also look forward to our next term, where we will continue to build a supportive learning community in the classroom.

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