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RYDA – Year 11 Excursion
by Edwina Cooke

On Tuesday in Week 9 of Term 1, all of Year 11 attended the RYDA day at the Moruya Jockey Club. RYDA stands for Rotary Youth Driver Awareness. The program is a one day course that is aimed at 16 to 18 year old drivers and passengers of novice drivers. The program has five main learning objectives:

  • Understand road risks and reflect on long-term life consequences of a crash,
  • Identify crash factors and realise how they are preventable,
  • Appreciate how personal factors affect risk,
  • Develop personal strategies and plans, and consider self-monitoring of actions long term and
  • See driving as a social responsibility and recognise the protective measures, especial GLS.

The day consists of six stations that the student groups rotate through and learn about various safety issues and concerns to do with movie driving. The students get to see a car in action and how far it goes during an emergency braking situation, hear two stories about serious car accidents and the consequences that resulted, get to ask a police officer questions and hear about the legal aspects of driving, learn about hazards, and understand what they can do as a passenger to a novice driver. When asked about the experience Manon Halemai said, `It was really insightful. They communicated important information really well.’

For myself the best thing about RYDA was getting to do it again. This year was the second time that I got to go on the RYDA excursion and although not much had changed in regards to the information it had a much greater impact. I understood the consequences of taking reckless actions on the road and I feel as if the whole experience has improved how I react to situations on the road.

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