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Junior Girls

Starting out with minimal competitive experience, the Under 15 Girls team went from strength to strength on Friday playing with heart and soul in each of their three games. As the day progressed, the team improved their speed at taking dummy passes, they tightened up their ‘arrow’ formation to improve their attack and, in defence, got better with each game at closing gaps on the opposition. The thrilling highlight of the day was when Cate S made a magnificent run down the sideline to score the try of the day! A full team group-hug showed how proud everyone was of her and despite not gaining winning scores in games, the SPAC Under 15 Girls finished on a high note knowing they played their very best all day and left the field stronger team-members than they were at the beginning of the competition.

Mrs Kate Woolnough

Senior Girls

The Senior Girls Touch Football team had a lot of fun on the day. They led their first match of the day until the final few minutes and ended up drawing with Sapphire Coast Anglican. Both Elise Toyer and Tehlia B scored fantastic tries in this match. Their next two matches against Shellharbour Anglican and Nowra Anglican, respectively, were tough and whilst our team hung in there and played until the last second, we unfortunately did not get the points for the win. Overall the day was very enjoyable, with perfect weather, plenty of competitive energy and great company!

Mrs Bernadette Goering

Junior Boys

Our developing squad walked into the day with a unknown expectation but a willingness to  participate and have a go. A convincing win over Sapphire had the boys on a high with our basic structures working extremely well and a rotation of reserves allowing the intensity to remain high. With close loses to Shellharbour and Nowra it was evident that there was a lot of talent and natural ability within our touch football team.  It was fantastic day of competition with plenty of positives to walk away from.

Mr Michael Nicoletti

Senior Boys

The mighty senior lads had an uphill battle with this year’s touch football tournament to be the toughest so far. With no Sapphire team to play they were thrown into games against Shellharbour and Nowra with those players having more experience and touch football game time. With only a narrow loss by 1 and no blow out scores similar to last year, the senior team proved that with a little bit of grit and digging in goes a long way in being successful. All round it was a fantastic performance!

Mr Michael Nicoletti


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