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It is hard to believe that we are in our final school week of 2017. Looking back the Visual Arts students have generated a lot of work and this was so beautifully displayed at CAPA/TAS night in September.

Year 7 has demonstrated their enthusiasm and their developing appreciation for Visual Arts. Projects undertaken this year have been portraits, printmaking, ceramics and painting.

Year 8 had the opportunity to further develop their skills and knowledge of art materials. This year they explored ceramics, printmaking and sculpture. They finished with a narrative about them, in the form of a painting.

Year 9 has enjoyed having the art room to themselves, with the absences of Year 10. They have worked large scale with their sculptures and small scale with their printmaking.  Students investigated the artmaking practice of various artists and how their can learn from these artists.

Year 10 were probably the busiest, as they completed a series of projects finishing with their free choice and developing a major work.

Year 11 and Year 12 began their journey as artists this year. Year 11 developed collections of work with a focus on media exploration. This is their stepping stone to their HSC. Year 12 began the long process of revolving their major work. The three terms few by leaving many of them burning the midnight candle to complete by August. They did not disappoint and we are looking forward to having their marks revealed on Thursday.

I would like to thank my students who keep me young and on my toes. To their parents who have been very supportive (I only hope some of the fabulous artwork makes it home).

Have a very Merry Christmas and a happy and safe summer break.

Chris Forsyth

Visual Arts Department


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