St Peter's News

The technology area has been hard at work for term 4 with plenty of practical lessons and projects to be completed. The kitchen especially has been working overtime with Mrs Forsyth and Mrs Senior generating amazing meals and recipes for the festive season, with the fruit cakes being particular well made  and decorated by the students. The Year 7 Textiles created some outstanding pillow and pencil cases with most finishing off the year with Christmas decorations.

The Year 9 & 10s Design and Technology students have been tweaking Foot Stools and Tables designs in order to finish at a high standard. Many students have changed ideas and adding features that have seen the group go beyond previous years showing creative flare and design sense in product development. The Graphics students are learning new CAD programs (Computer Aided Design) in order to grasp a higher understanding of technologies, in particular packaging design and manufacturing. Year 12 Information Processes and Technologies students have been looking into detail information systems and data bases with Mrs Kemp-Jones through Microsoft software leading into more in depth studies for 2018.

Overall the 2017 year has been a successful one with students going above and beyond the regular designs, developing own ideas and generating well crafted projects. Well done to the St Peters students for their efforts.

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