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The results for ICAS Writing, English and Mathematics have arrived. These competitions are very academic, voluntarily entered by many students around the world. Congratulations to the following students for their achievements:

 Year 2

Lilka B: Participation in Mathematics, English and Writing

 Year 3

Charlie H: Credit in English, Participation in Mathematics

Sajali P: Distinction in Writing (top 2% of Australian participants), Mathematics (top 2%) and Mathematics (top 4%)

 Year 4

Henry N: Credit in Mathematics

 Year 5

Tayah B: Distinction in Writing (top 7% of all Australian participants)

Isabella L: Participation in Mathematics, Writing and English

Kieran L: High Distinction in Writing (top 1% of all Australian participants)

Ksenia S: Participation in Writing and English

Elizabeth F: Credit in Mathematics

 Year 6

Josephine E: Credit in Mathematics and Writing, Participation in English

Jordan G: Credit in English and Mathematics

Joshua N: Participation in Mathematics, Credit in Writing

Craig S: Distinction in English (top 6% of all Australian participants), Credit in Writing and Mathematics

Patrick W: Participation in Mathematics and English

Year 7

Lukash S: Credit in English

Lucy W: Distinction in English (top 6% of Australian participants)

Oliver D: Participation in English

Year 8

Patrick E: Merit in Writing, Participation in English

Year 10

Maxwell E: Participation in Writing

Grace F: Distinction in Writing (top 4% of Australian participants) and English (top 11%)

Harrison G: Merit in Writing, Credit in English

Anya S: Credit in English

Year 11 (12)

Elise T: Distinction in English (top 9% of Australian participants), Credit in Writing

Year 12

Olivia F: Credit in English

Kallista S: Credit in English


These students will be presented with their certificates at the first suitable opportunity.


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