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Year Six have had a busy term with Surf Fit finishing last week and an excursion to the University of Wollongong this week.

Now that the Stage Three Surf Fit Program is complete, here are some of our thoughts:

Surf Fit was good because you got out of school and have a break at the beach while doing fun activities and having a dip in the water.

I love the beach and now we can play games at the beach.

I enjoyed Surf Fit because the staff  were nice and they really helped me get more confidence in the water.

I enjoyed Surf Fit a lot because the activities were awesome and I enjoyed the time with my friends.

I enjoyed Surf Fit because everyone was included in every activity.

The University of Wollongong runs an annual “taster” program for Year Six students to show them what a day at university looks like. They call it KidsIn2Uni. We participated in 4 workshops: Engineering, Sports Science, Marketing and Nursing.

Year Six are now focussed on end-of-year celebrations as the end of Junior School begins to feel very real!

Mrs McCallum

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