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Crazy Hair Day is when St Peter’s Junior School raised money for Alopecia areata.  I am Amelia B and I have Alopecia areata.  Alopecia is when your hair falls out, also known as hair loss.  Alopecia is not spread around to others.  There are three types of Alopecia, Alopecia areata (patches of hair loss on head), Alopecia Totalis (total hair loss on head) and Alopecia Univeralis (no hair on body).

Alopecia areata is when some patches of hair fall out.  When St Peter’s raised the money for Alopecia areata my mum, Jillian B set up a stall and sold Zooper Dooper icy poles and packets of chips at lunch time.  Junior school students wore mufti and made a gold coin donation as well. 

In the afternoon, a lady named Kerry from the Bay Post came to St Peter’s to interview me about the special day.  I felt joyful to see people at school support the day and raising money for Alopecia areata.

By Amelia B and Eva Y in Year Three

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