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Year 7 ORIENTATION:  Prospective Year 7 students terrorised Gummy Bears as they investigated the difference between physical and chemical changes.  Tests included:  Screaming Gummy Bear and Crispy Gummy Bear.  Try it yourself by seeing what happens when you heat a Gummy Bear over a candle for far too long. 

YEAR 8:  Year 8 Science has completed their studies of body systems this term, concluding with the reproductive systems of humans and plants. Recently, we have undertaken the role of chemists by looking at physical and chemical changes and conducting a number of experiments. The rest of the term should feature plenty of hands-on investigations in class to learn about a range of chemical reactions.

BIOLOGY:  Year 12 Biology students (formerly Year 11 Biology in Term 3) have begun the HSC Course. They are working through the Maintaining a Balance module which focuses on homeostasis, the role of enzymes, chemical reactions within the body, the composition of blood and its role in the body, and transport of substances in plants. We will conclude the term by looking at how the human body deals with waste products of metabolism and compare this to plants and other animals.

PHYSICS:  The year 12 Physics class has begun the final year of secondary schooling with a lift-off! Students are learning about the finer details of launching a rocket and the importance of conserving fuel. They are observing the effects of g-forces on astronauts and how to sling shot a spacecraft! It has been out of this world!


  • Sit at the front where your teacher can see you at all times. The fear of being caught will greatly reduce your chances of nodding off.
  • If the lights need to be dimmed or turned off in the classroom stand (rather than sit) at the back or to the side of the room.
  • Put a thick elastic band around your wrist and snap the band against your wrist for an instant wake up! This technique is also very effective.


Genius is one percent  inspiration and ninety-nine percentage perspiration.  (Thomas Edison)


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