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This term Year 2 have been a part of the pilot Kitchen Garden program in Early Childhood.  Our turn has been highly anticipated by the students and they were more than thrilled when the time finally arrived.

The program has been co-ordinated by College parent, the amazing Lucinda Dunn, all year with tremendous success and it was no different when it came to the youngest class so far.

Year 2 amazed all of us with their quick to develop culinary and washing up skills.  They were also quick to develop their planting, weeding and careful harvesting skills in the garden. It was an absolute pleasure to watch them smell, pick and nibble herbs and vegetables in the garden and then try to identify what they were eating.

Some of the student’s favourite dishes were banana and mango smoothies, mini quiches and Weetbix and apricot biscuits.

Year 1 will take over now as the custodians of the newly planted corn, cucumber, celery and capsicum seedlings that were lovingly planted by us.   Year 2 will watch eagerly to see how they have grown and what they are used for.

Mrs Wicks

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