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Name or Icebreaker Competition

Baillee O’Brien, Rhianna Woods, Abigail Ellis entered the “Name our Icebreaker” Competition and we received notice of the results over these past holidays. The name they submitted was “Southern Notus” which represents Australia and our relationship to Antarctica. Southern means originating from the South and “Notus” is the Greek God of the South Wind. Antarctica and Australia are linked back to this name as both countries are part of the Southern Hemisphere and the South Wind blows towards Antarctica and is cold and generally causes bad weather. The national naming competition attracted nearly 800 entries from primary and secondary students across every state and territory, with many creative, thoughtful and inspiring ideas put forward by Australian students. Although the girls did not win the competition, they are to be congratulated on the wonderfully appropriate name they suggested. Australia’s new icebreaker will be called RSV Nuyina (noy-yee-nah), meaning ‘Southern Lights’ in palawa kani, the language of Tasmanian Aborigines. The winning entries came from Western Australia and Tasmania.

Year 8 Service to Others Project

A huge thank you to the whole St Peter’s community for the generosity displayed in response to this project. We were aiming to ship one large box over to the Philippines but have collected enough to send more! This term we will sort and pack the items but here is a rough account of what you have donated:

  • Over 150 toothbrushes
  • 30 tubes of toothpaste
  • 60 bars of soap
  • 100 pairs of underpants
  • 100 pairs of socks
  • Over 100 T-Shirts
  • Over 100 shorts
  • 30 face towels
  • 30 writing books
  • 30 sets of coloured pencils
  • Other items such as rulers, erasers, sharpeners, pencil cases, children’s books, games, other items of clothing, thongs, hats, soap holders.

Again, on behalf of the children of Bacolod City in the Philippines, a very big “thank you”.

Year 8 Environmental Camp

In Week 8 of last term, six Year 8 students participated in an Environmental Camp organised by the Eurobodalla Shire Council. The students were Abigail Ellis, Alex Kemp-Jones, Karissa Sydenham, Jarrah Limon, Curtis Small & Hayden Louttit.

On the first day we met in Quaama and got to meet students from all the other schools. There was about 21 of us all together. We hiked 9km to the middle of the national park where we set up three tents and dug trenches for toilets. We had a camp fire, cooked damper and got to know each other. The next day we packed up and hiked another 7km to “The Crossing” where we were given a tour and participated in a variety of environmental activities. Swimming was very cold! The next day we participated in activities such as composting, laying rocks, carrying wood, tree planting, canoeing practice, learning about chicken coops and generally investigating ways of sustainable living. The last day we had to design a project for our school and then canoed for 3.5 hours to Bermagui. It was a great learning experience, lots of fun, the weather was great and we made lots of new friends. We strongly recommend this camp to Year 8 next year!

Alex, Abigail & Karissa


Mrs Anita Berton

Year 8 Coordinator

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