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During Term 3 and into Term 4 our Stage 5, (Years 9 & 10) PASS students have undertaken a unit on resistance training. To complement their increasing theoretical knowledge the PDHPE department organised two specialised practical classes for our students that were facilitated by resistance training experts from Rock-On Fitness Gymnasium in Batemans Bay.

The staff from the gym kindly came to the College to run these sessions and the students certainly gained a good understanding of many concepts that we have been studying in class, along with a host of very tired muscle groups!

The first session was indoors and focused on free-weight resistance training, specifically looking at varying the intensity of concentric, eccentric and isometric muscle contractions.

The session pictured focused on circuit training, with the aim of exercising of different muscle groups in the body in a specific order to achieve maximum results. This session was particularly poignant for the students as it allowed them to see that they can design and complete intense resistance based exercise using many items readily found around the school, or home.

The PDHPE Department would like to thank both Kylie and Rhoda for their hard work and boundless energy during these sessions.

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